chocolate cake

Chocolate Cake Dream – simply baked – delicious taste!

This is a simply baked Chocolate Cake Dream, very moist and it tastes delicious! Try it, you will be surprised how ...
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dreikönigskuchen, dreikoenigskuchen, epiphany cake

Epiphany cake for Epiphany on January 6th

Tradition on the 6th of January The meaning translated from the German words “Dreikönigskuchen am Dreikönigstag” is “three kings cake” ...
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vogelheu bird hay sweet lunch

Vogelheu typical Swiss Meal (bird hay) – sweet lunch – no food waste

Did you ever taste Vogelheu, a typical Swiss Meal? Vogelheu means “bird hay” and is a sweet lunch. What are ...
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Chocolate Ice Cream home made

Chocolate Ice Cream home made

This is the best Chocolate Ice Cream home made you ever tasted! It is made very quickly and does not ...
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Toast Hawaii recipe for lunch with toasted Ciabatta halves.

Toast Hawaii – classic recipe for lunch

We are loving Toast Hawaii, it’s a classic recipe and ideal for lunch because it tastes delicious and is prepared ...
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how to make swiss bread animals

Bread animals – how to make turtles and snails from Swiss yeast dough

I have here an ultra cool recipe for turtles and snails made of Swiss Bread using yeast dough. My kids ...
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yummy whole wheat bread self-made

Whole wheat bread self-made

This is a yummy self-made whole wheat bread. It contains 3/4 parts of white flour and 1/4 part of whole ...
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cookies with desiccated coconut

Cookies with desiccated coconut

How to make cookies with desiccated coconut? Here I have a quick made and yummy recipe! Today I looked into ...
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Swiss Braided Bread

Swiss braided bread or Hefezopf Butterzopf

For me, there is nothing better than eating a freshly baked Swiss braided bread, also called Hefezopf (yeast braided bread) ...
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Healthy Lunch Recipe - Salad and Steak

Healthy Fitness Lunch – salad with pork sirloin steak

Try this easy digestible, low calorie and healthy fitness plate for lunch: salad with pork sirloin steak! It gives you ...
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