dreikönigskuchen, dreikoenigskuchen, epiphany cake

Epiphany cake for Epiphany on January 6th

Tradition on the 6th of January

The meaning translated from the German words “Dreikönigskuchen am Dreikönigstag” is “three kings cake” on “three kings day”. We love traditions and these are events that we adults and children are always looking forward to. It is a steadfastness in life and we love these regularities. As adults, we always like to remember these great events.

We celebrate this day with a special cake, the Epiphany cake. Everyone can select a round ball from the cake and tear it off, a king figure is hidden in only one of the small pieces. The person who has the piece with the king is queen or king that day and receives a crown.

The recipe is simple and the cake baked quickly.

You need the following ingredients:

500g flour
3 tablespoons of sugar
1 teaspoon of salt
2.5 teaspoons of dry yeast or 30 g fresh yeast
3 dl milk lukewarm
75 g butter, liquid, cooled

dreikoenigskuchen zutaten, epiphany cake ingredients
dreikoenigskuchen zutaten, epiphany cake ingredients

Making the dough:

Mix the flour, sugar, salt and yeast together. Add milk and butter, mix well. Knead into a smooth dough and knead for a good 5 minutes.
Place in a bowl and cover, let the dough rise for about 1½ hours until its volume has doubled.

dreigkoenigskuchen-teig, epiphany cake dough
dreigkoenigskuchen-teig, epiphany cake dough

Then knead the dough again so that the air bubbles are going out. Cut a quarter of the dough and form a large ball. Form 8 balls of the same size with the rest of the dough and arrange them around the large ball. Cover with a cloth and let rest for a quarter of an hour. During this time, preheat the oven to 200 °.

epiphany dough, dreikönigskuchen teigepiphany dough, dreikönigskuchen teig

Mix one egg yolk with 1 tablespoon of milk. Brush the cake with it. Sprinkle granulated sugar on it. Put the dough onto a tray in the lower part of the oven and bake for about 20-25 minutes until the cake has a nice colour.

You can make granulated sugar yourself:

Drizzle sugar with a little water, stir with a spoon, chill. The sugar becomes a little lumpy and is therefore ideal.

Make your own crown:

Fold an A4 sheet lengthways. Draw in and cut out peaks in the upper part. Cut through the folded line, put the crown together, paint it and you’re done!

dreikoenigs-krone epiphany crown
dreikoenigs-krone epiphany crown

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