is your child ready for kindergarten

Is your child ready for Kindergarten?

Did you think about signing up your child for kindergarten? Is your child ready for kindergarten? How do you prepare ...
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tinker with children, craft with children, green kid crafts

Tinker with children

Rainy day or really bad weather? Are you looking for an indoor program for the kids? Then tinker with children! ...
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Fever in Baby what to do?

How do I treat a fever in children?

The first time our little children had a high fever, I was concerned how do I treat the fever. It ...
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twins time management and organization

First days after birth of the second twins, what did I do differently?

After the birth of the second twins I did many things differently than after the birth of the first twins ...
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double twins love

Time management with twins or multiples. How to get enough sleep?

With twins or multiples the time management is very important so that you get enough sleep and therefore you have ...
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potty training

How to go diaper free with your child?

When is the best time to start potty training? The time is coming where you think now it‘s time that ...
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Traveling with babies? Of course!

The most important information when you are taveling with babies This is about planning, preparation and travel by plane. You’re ...
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our son one day old

Twins first days after birth, what would I do differently?

Emotions after birth – any changement in organization? After the birth of the first twins, a boy and a girl, ...
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cloth diapers disposable diapers

Should I use cloth diapers or disposable diapers?

Choice between cloth diapers or disposable diapers What is the best environmental, economical and for my budget, buying cloth diapers ...
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our first twins

The twins are arriving soon!

The finish line is within reach! The summer was hot and my belly became thicker and thicker, therefore the work ...
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