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Tinker with children

Rainy day or really bad weather? Are you looking for an indoor program for the kids? Then tinker with children! For these times, I have something originally in the closet, which is then unpacked.

Tinker with your kids!

The kids are happy and curious what to expect. I know, the smaller children often do not have enough patience to sit still for a long time. But also for smaller children are craft lessons or painting afternoons suitable. Creativity and imagination are important. The children have a lot of imagination and it is conducive to their development to live it out. Something tinkered or painted does not have to be beautiful in our eyes. It’s great in children’s eyes and they’re proud of the result. And if we praise them, they are happy!

Practice fine motor skills

They enjoy creating or painting something with mum or dad. It also promotes fine motor skills. The more that is practiced, the faster success sets in and the better you learn how to deal with scissors, glue or crayons.

Create confidence

Support your children to develop creative confidence! This confidence is important for their development. They will love to be producers, to think big and wide, instead of just moving in a small limited space. This is far better than just being a consumer. A child with creative confidence who wants to produce, build, paint or solve a problem knows intuitively that there are different ways that are right. Their own and unique way is the right way!

Green Kid Crafts

(ad) If you have no ideas, here is a great site with wonderful packages. This is also fantastic as a gift! Green Kid Crafts offers you the ideal crafting package for all ages. Also advantageous are the subscriptions, here comes every month a surprise package. Your child will be very happy and can not wait to open the package. Click here for more information and for the different packages to buy.

Tinker with children - Green Kid Crafts
Tinker with children – Green Kid Crafts

Inspiring the next generations of creative leaders

Green Kid Crafts offers for example Junior Discovery Box Subscriptions from ages 2-4, Discovery Box Subscriptions from ages 5-10+ or Sibling Box Subscriptions from ages 2-10+.

Discovery, learning and fun to children

At Green Kid Crafts, their STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) subscriptions create those opportunities, and certainly spark the imagination! The products deliver discovery, learning and fun to children ages 2-10+, and they’ve also built a wonderful community of parents, grandparents and educators that share their vision. Their program has won a variety of awards including Dr. Toy’s Best Green Products,  Academics’ Choice Brain Toy Award, Red Tricycle’s Award for Most Awesome Subscription Service and many more.


Themed boxes exploring topics like Space, Ocean Science, Safari, Volcanoes and Music are designed by kids & experts.


12-page STEAM magazine featuring hands-on activities, puzzles, parent resources, and more.

Fun & Learning

Quality eco-friendly materials made in the U.S.A and step-by-step instructions.

STEAM Projects

Between 4-8 science, technology, engineering, art, and math kits for kids ages 2-10.


Literary upgrade includes an educator-approved book to complement each box.

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