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I am happy you are here. You will find interesting posts about scuba diving in different countries, daily life with double twins, traveling and delicious recipes.

First twins

Our first twins were born in September 2013 and the two cute little babies turned our lives upside down. At least at first. We said to each other on the evening before the birth: this is the last quiet evening for the two of us – just enjoy the peace, the moment and look forward to the new chapter in our life.

Second twins

After the life had settled well for the four uf us we wished to have a third child. The desired child became reality after just over a year, I was pregnant again and we were very happy. The amazing surprise came with the first ultrasound scan: twins. For a moment we were speechless, then euphoric, then thoughtful. Twins again! How do we do that, we asked ourselves and just as we were thrown into the cold water at the first time with twins, so we were convinced with our twin experience, we can do that too. Faith can moves mountains!

Daily life with double twins

About me: I’m Cristina, I’m a mother of four, I’m full of energy, I love organizing, dreaming, chaos, relaxation, variety. I love traveling and change and constancy. Therefore, there is not only the beautiful Switzerland where we live mainly but also other beautiful places in the world. Many parents with children limit themselves and are firmly convinced that now many things are not possible anymore. Nonsense! Say to yourself, of course that’s possible, I can do that and you will then see that many things are possible, it just needs the right attitude.

With this blog I want to give you my experiences with two twins. It is not a recipe book with right or wrong, but shows a possible life path. Also you will find interesting posts about travel, scuba diving, recipes and daily life.

Lucerne, Switzerland