Here you will find interesting posts about scuba diving or snorkeling in different top diving destinations. Lake or river diving in Switzerland, scuba diving in Thailand, Mexico, USA, Pacific an so on… stay tuned!

Scuba Diving Phuket Thailand King Cruiser Wreck

Andaman Sea Thailand Scuba Diving

The Andaman Sea around the west coast of Thailand is always fascinating no matter how often I travel there for ...
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Diving Lake Taupo New Zealand

Diving in Lake Taupo New Zealand

Lake Taupo New Zealand is like a magnet for us enthusiastic scuba divers, there was no question that we would ...
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Bomber Wreck B17 Calvi Corsica

Scuba Diving B-17 Bomber Wreck in Calvi Corsica

A must for scuba divers is diving the famous bomber wreck B-17 in Calvi, Corsica. It is a well-preserved B-17 ...
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Chuuk Kensho Maru Corals

Chuuk Truk Lagoon Micronesia

Unique wreck diving in Chuuk Lagoon (Truk Lagoon) Micronesia If you want to do a special dive trip, I can ...
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Beach Quintana Roo

Cenotes Mexico Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Cenotes, cavern and caves in Tulum, Yucatan, Mexico Cenotes Mexico Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in the peninsula Yucatan: the unique ...
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River Diving in Valle Maggia

Maggia Diving – the ultimate diving in a river in southern Switzerland

Maggia river diving in southern Switzerland You want ultimate diving in a river in southern Switzerland? Then here is the ...
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