River Diving in Valle Maggia

Maggia Diving – the ultimate diving in a river in southern Switzerland

Maggia river diving in southern Switzerland

You want ultimate diving in a river in southern Switzerland? Then here is the right place for you for scuba diving in the Valle Maggia.

The river Maggia is in southern Switzerland about a two hours drive from Lucerne. It is a very special place and thanks to the slow flow speed easy and safe for diving. Therefore ideal for divers with little experience. With the rock formations, the crystal clear water, the sunlight and the many trouts, the river diving in the Maggia is a also unique experience.

If you do not have much experience with diving in fresh water I recommend you to contact Dive & Trek Connection. This is an diving school in central Switzerland, who organize trips for at least four divers by request or at fixed schedule in the beginning of September.

Diving Gear

When you have your own complete gear for scuba diving, then you just have to fill your tank and start the ultimate river diving. Otherwise you can rent it at tauchshopluzern.ch they offer rental of complete gear or just individual parts for affordable rental prices.

Safety Diving in Rivers

Please consider some important aspects of safe diving and I therefore recommend that you do not dive on your own but rather do the river diving with experienced divers or join a group at Dive & Trek Connection. The weather and the dam must be included in the safety issues. If the conditions are right, then nothing stands in the way of a great experience.

There are stunning pictures, have a look you will be fascinated!

Maggia River Diving
Start diving in Gola del Lupo, Valle Maggia
Maggia River Diving
View of nice rocks in Gola del Lupo, Valle Maggia
Maggia River Diving
Another view in Gola del Lupo, Valle Maggia
River Diving in Valle Maggia
Stunning view to the sun in Gola del Lupo, Valle Maggia

maggia diving
Maggia River Diving in southern Switzerland

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