Fever in Baby what to do?

How do I treat a fever in children?

The first time our little children had a high fever, I was concerned how do I treat the fever. It happened just then, when we were on vacation and no family doctor was there.

Do you know the situation when something happens for the first time? I know what fever is, I’ve read and heard of high fever in babies. But now it happens to your own babies and you are at first concerned and uncertain. Especially when it happens to so small children. So how can I lower and treat the high fever of babies and toddlers?

High fever when I was a small child

As a young child, I often had a high fever until my tonsils were removed. Since then, I had almost no fever again. I can remember the stinking vinegar wraps on my calves. And I hated them. Now that I have children myself, I understand the concern of my parents and how and why they tried to reduce the fever.

Our babies were never ill before and for me it was absolutely new: children with high fever! Because I breastfed as much as possible, our babies had a good immune system. But at some point everyone gets sick once. So our babies and I were a little stressed out.

Traveling to Thailand

Our first twins were with us on an Asian trip and just 5 months old. We had traveled a lot with them, so they were used to changing environments.

As soon as we were in our house in Thailand first got our daughter Sunshine fever. With 38.7°C it was not extremely high. A few hours later our son Sunny had a fever. That was clear, of course. In twins it is rare that only one of them has fever or is sick. The fever of our son rose very fast to over 39.4°C. I was a bit worried about that. How can I lower the temperature?

Luckily I had paracetamol with me as a suppository. In small children, this is easy to administer. Unfortunately, suppositories are not available in all countries, so I always have enough stock. You will agree with me if the children are bigger and you have to administer a syrup. If the syrup does not taste good, then you have a problem. The child refuses to take it. Then suppositories come into play.

Back to the fever: I gave Sunshine nothing on the first night and waited. I put a damp cloth on her forehead and so cooled her head. When the next day the fever did not go back, she got a suppository.

how to lower high fever in babies
How to lower high fever in babies

Higher fever and Paracetamol

Sunny had a higher fever and got several doses of Paracetamol. I looked that both drank enough liquid. Since I did not know if the fever had a more serious reason, I called our pediatrician. He calmed me down and said it could be fever because of the travel. The changeover, other environment, flying, all this could cause such a fever.

After 24 hours our babies were free of fever. I was relieved. At the next fever I could take it a bit more relaxed!

Useful information about fever

Children often have a fever, I can confirm that after 5 ½ years with 4 toddlers. The fever is different in all children. For some children always very high, for the others less high.

Fever is a natural reaction to pathogens. It indicates that the body responds to pathogens and mobilizes the body’s defenses. Because at high body temperatures, viruses and bacteria can not multiply so well. Fever is therefore an important natural defense mechanism of the body. If you have a light fever, you do not have to take measures to reduce fever immediately.

Normal temperature: from 36.5 ° C

– Variations during the day possible, in the evening mostly 0.5 ° C higher
– Romping, sports, too warm clothes or too warm blankets can increase the temperature

Elevated temperature: from 37.6 ° C

– Be attentive and check the elevated temperature regularly
– Let’s take it easy
– Give enough liquid or offer
– If the child is still fit, you do not have to do anything else

Fever: from 38.5 ° C

– The child needs more attention
– Give enough liquid or offer liquid
– Light food
– Check the temperature regularly
– Give fever reducing agents, possibly in consultation with the pediatrician

Fever: from 39 ° C

– See above fever from 38.5 ° C
– In addition, possibly not too cold towels on the forehead, calf wrap
– Do not put too warm clothes on
– If the child feels very bad, it is important to consult a pediatrician

Call the pediatrician

I would always consult a doctor for safety if the baby is under 3 months old. Or if your child feels very bad, is tired, does not want to eat and drink. Even if other signs of disease come to it.

Just call the pediatrician and ask for advice. He can tell you quickly what you have to do, or if a doctor’s visit is needed. Over time you will experience when your children are sick and you know what to do. You know how to treat a fever!

sweet dreams little baby
sweet dreams little baby

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