our first twins

The twins are arriving soon!

The finish line is within reach!

The summer was hot and my belly became thicker and thicker, therefore the work became more and more arduous. In the afternoon I changed from the sofa on to the bed from the bed to the kitchen. Then from the kitchen to the sofa and so on. I could not eat much anymore, because of the belly volume it pushed my stomach upwards and I immediately had stomach burning. I only ate small meals throughout the day.

Early contractions in the pregnancy

I already had contractions at a very early stage of my pregnancy. And this felt like I would have got some heavy stones in my stomach. These “stones” pushed down with full weight. But this did not reduce my joy in any way, I was looking forward to the twins. I talked to them several times a day, caressing my belly and sending them positive thoughts, courage and joy. I had great confidence that they were well and the pregnancy was going to be positive and that’s the way it was.

Too early birth of the twins?

Some prophesied to me that there would be a premature birth and the babies would not be over 2 kg. Me on the other hand, sent them positive thoughts, strength and health. The day of the delivery approached and in retrospect I was glad that I did not know what exactly was going to happen to me. So I saw the event relatively calm. In the week 38 + 0 came by caesarean section two healthy humans to the world, a baby boy with 3170g and baby girl with 2690g. The joy and the feeling when the two babies were laid one after the other on my chest, when the girl immediately tried to drink on my breast, the smile on her face, are indescribable experiences, which one can not put into words.

Happy Birthday!

For me the first born is a Sunnyboy so I will call him “Sunny” in this blog. The sweet and often smiling girl I will call “Sunshine”.

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