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Time management with twins or multiples. How to get enough sleep?

With twins or multiples the time management is very important so that you get enough sleep and therefore you have energy for the daily routine.
I was often asked, how are you doing that with double twins, I already have enough to do with one child. Certainly you have double work with everything! That’s not quite right.
Even “just” a single child can be very stressful because it takes all the attention of the mother. This is a bit different for twins because they always have a sibling to play with. They often play very well together.
double twins joy
twins joy

First year needs much energy

But the fact is that the first year is exhausting. A good rhythm is really important and should be your first priority. We all have to work our way into this daily routine. A mother is not born but grows into the mother role with all its responsibilities. What helps, of course, are the natural maternal instincts that lies dormant in every woman.

Always close together

Twins are already close together in the womb and used to body contact. This does not end with the birth but continues through all phases of life. They love to lie in bed together, on the play area and in the stroller.

This is not different today, in the toddler age. When we are out and stay somewhere else than our home, we do not need four single beds for the kids. In the camper, for example, all the kids sleep together in a big bed above the driver’s cab. In other accommodations, one bed is enough for two of our toddlers.

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twins enjoy playing close together

Breastfeeding and pumping out milk

I had decided, even before the twins were born, that I would breastfeed. Me too had to struggle with thawing and inflamed nipples. But that did not stop me from giving up, but I began to pump milk out in addition to breastfeeding. Everyone has to decide that for themselves and it is clear to me that for various reasons it is not always possible to breastfeed. For me it was a good working and optimal solution and I would say that because of the breastfeeding our twins are less sick.

Breastfeeding promotes the health of infants and helps to prevent diseases. Breast milk is rich in many vitamins, antibodies, immune and protective substances that protect the babies from pathogens and later allergies.

double twins love
playtime twins

Buying a breast pump

A very good decision was the purchase of the electric Medela double breast pump Freestyle. So I was able to pump and store the stock on the side, so that other family members could feed the babies. I breastfed the first twins 8 and 9 months, the second twins over a year. Of course, there were times when breast milk was not enough and I also bought and fed baby milk powder.

More freedom because of more time

The pumping gave me a lot more freedom. In addition, I was fortunate enough that my husband was home for a living and is a night person. So we started with two shifts: I did the morning shift and my husband did the night shift. I went to bed at 10pm and got up at 6am. My husband fed the babies at night while I slept and he got up a bit later in the morning. So I got enough sleep and had sufficient strength for the daily routine. For us, the sequence was perfect.

Useful note regarding timing

By the way, the following tip is worth it: look that you have the same timing for your twins. So always feed, wrap, groom, play, go to sleep at the same time. Your babies get used to the rhythm, you have more time between meals.

double twins playtime
twins playing together

Optimizing daily routine

I can only recommend you, trying to optimize and organize your daily routine. Take help from family and friends even neighbours are willing to jump in. Babysitting for one to two hours are helpful, so you can take care of other things.

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twins playtime
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