Jet Ski Lake Taupo New Zealand

Exploring Lake Taupo New Zealand by Jet Ski

Did you ever explore Great Lake Taupo in New Zealand by Jet Ski? I did and it is a different and very special way to explore the lake. You are fast on the move and you can stop anywhere to swim or snorkel. There a nice beaches, a great scenery with trees and rocks. Don’t forget to look at the Maori rock carvings between Kinloch and Acacia Bay.

Saftey issues – check list

You have consider a few safety issues before you go. First, is the Jet Ski ready and has enough fuel? Second, do I have my safety gear with me? This includes life jacket for all passengers, smart phone for emergencies and ID? Furthermore, I can highly recommend to read the following check list:

  • weather report checked
  • slip on a shirt (I recommend a wetsuit)
  • slop on 50+ sunscreen
  • slap on a hat
  • take sunglasses with you
  • life jacket
  • smart phone
  • ID
  • some cash or card
  • water
  • waterproof dry bag to protect sensitive items
  • diving mask, snorkel, fins
  • beach towel, swimwear
  • and important! tell someone where you are

Start the journey

My husband and me started our journey at Acacia Bay South Boat Ramp, where you can put the Jet Ski into the water. But of course you can do that at a rental station in central Taupo and start your journey there. There are many boat ramps around Taupo which you can use.

Motutaiko Island

Then we drove first to the scenic Motutaiko Island. A nice spot with crystal clear water. The vegetation, the rocks and the trees are amazing. Take your time and go for a swim or a snorkeling tour. It’s really worth it!

Motutaiko Taupo New Zealand
Motutaiko Taupo New Zealand

You have a great view of Mount Ruapehu. Mount Ruapehu is the highest volcano in New Zealand at 2797 m and the highest point of the North Island. It stands in the volcanic plateau of the island and is part of the Tongariro National Park. On the slopes of Ruapehu there are seven small glaciers.

Lord of the Rings

Did you know that some of the Mordor scenes were filmed in various locations around New Zealand’s largest active volcano, Mount Ruapehu? The mount itself is part of Middle-earth in The Hobbit Trilogy. Beside Mount Ruapehu is the famous Mount Ngauruhoe known as Mount Doom in the movie Lord of the Rings.

Mount Ruapehu New Zealand
Mount Ruapehu New Zealand

Kinloch Beach

I can recommend to drive further to Kinloch Beach. Park the Jet Ski on the beach (please watch out for the signs!) and have a great lunch with Fish and Chips take away. There are enough tables and benches to sit near the beach and enjoy the great meal.

Take a break, go for a swim or just relax in the sun. A good occasion to apply again some sunscreen on. Don’t forget, the sun is strong on the lake and a sunburn goes really fast. Even if the sky is cloudy, do not forget to apply the sunscreen. The sunbeams go through the clouds. By the way, the water intensifies the rays and you also have to be careful in the shade.

Kinloch Beach New Zealand
Kinloch Beach New Zealand
Kinloch New Zealand Beach View
Beach View Kinloch New Zealand

Back to Acacia Bay South

On the way back from Kinloch Beach to Acacia Beach you will pass beautiful little beaches, a great nature and scenery. Have a stop whenever you feel to and enjoy.

Beach Lake Taupo New Zealand
Very nice beaches Lake Taupo New Zealand

Maori rock carving

Between Kinloch and Acacia Bay, at Mine Bay,  is a Maori rock carving. The carving has been sculpted over the course of four years and was completed in 1980. It has been hailed as one of New Zealand’s most extraordinary contemporary Maori artworks. The artwork is 14 meters high towering above the deep water of Lake Taupo. The famous Maori rock carving has become one of the North Island’s biggest tourist attractions.

Maori Carving Lake Taupo New Zealand
Maori Carving Lake Taupo New Zealand

This is another way to explore the beautiful lake in Taupo New Zealand. Have fun!

Great Lake Taupo New Zealand
Great Lake Taupo New Zealand

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